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Engage with a certified Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, a proud and active member of the ICCRC. Our consultation fee is set at $339.00CAD, inclusive of HST, for an insightful 1-hour session.

Choose your preferred mode: in-person, ZOOM, or over-the-phone.

With Careopoly Immigration Services, every conversation remains under the shield of confidentiality, adhering to the highest standards of consultant/client privilege. Initiating the consultation or endorsing our agreement welcomes you as a valued client of Careopoly Immigration Services.

Our strategic session is designed to thoroughly assess your immigration profile and deliver tailored guidance. Note: this isn't a legal advice session or a platform for form-related inquiries or document evaluations. Such questions are outside our consultation scope.

Pre-consultation payment is mandatory, accepted via e-transfer or direct in-person methods, and is non-refundable. For cancellations, a 24-hour notice via email is required to avoid the 'missed consultation' billing.

Thank you for choosing Careopoly Immigration Services, your trusted partner for Canadian immigration insights.

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