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Your consultation will be with a member in good standing with the ICCRC, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.
The consultation fee for 1 hour is $339.00CAD including HST.
Consultations can be provided in-person, via ZOOM or over the phone. Each meeting is subject to consultant/client privilege and are always confidential. During your consultation or upon signing the consultation agreement, you become a client of Careopoly Immigration Services. 

Our consultation will help us get a broad overview of your case, we will provide general guidance and our services are not to be considered as legal services. The consultation is not for questions about how to fill out forms or for reviewing documents. We are unable to answer questions regarding these matters. 

Consultations are non refundable and MUST be paid via e-transfer or in person prior to commencing the consultation.

A minimum of 24 hours is required for cancellations.  We only accept cancellations via email. If we do not recieve your cancellation in time, kindly note that you will be sent a bill for an initial consultation NO SHOW. 

Thank you. 

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