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Determine your eligibility for entry into Canada, understanding that there are several factors that could lead to being deemed inadmissible.

Permanent Residency and

Applications and Renewals of Permanent Residency Cards:


As a Permanent Resident, it's essential to possess a valid Permanent Residency Card (PR Card) or a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) for international travel.


These documents are mandatory when boarding a flight or using any commercial transport like a train, bus, or boat headed to Canada. Without a PR Card or PRTD, you might face difficulties or be unable to board your transport to Canada.

A PR Card is necessary if you:

  • Hold permanent resident status, regardless of age.

  • Intend to travel abroad.

  • Plan to return to Canada using commercial transportation, including airplanes, trains, boats, or buses.


  • Security Concerns: Issues like espionage, attempts to overthrow governments, involvement in violence or terrorism, or being part of groups engaged in such activities.

  • Violations of Human or International Rights: Participation in war crimes, crimes against humanity, or serving as a high-ranking official in governments known for severe human rights abuses or under international sanctions.

  • Criminal History: Offenses encompassing driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or other criminal activities.

  • Links to Organized Crime: Affiliation with groups engaged in organized crime, people smuggling, or money laundering.

  • Medical Grounds: Conditions that may pose a public health or safety risk, or require extensive use of health or social services, though exceptions apply to some applicants.

  • Financial Reasons: Inability or unwillingness to provide financial support for oneself and family members.

  • Misrepresentation: Providing false information or omitting critical details relevant to decisions under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).

  • Non-compliance with IRPA: Failure to adhere to any stipulations set forth by IRPA.

  • Inadmissible Family Members: Having family members who themselves are inadmissible to Canada.

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